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重要なお知らせ (2017/09/20)
MED64 システム旧機種の修理サポート終了のお知らせ

New Download (2015/12/15)
Mobius Win7 ver.0.5.0 (rev588)


New Publications (2017/07/10)
Characterization of human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocyte sheets as a model to detect drug-induced conduction disturbance.
Izumi-Nakaseko H, Nakamura Y, Wada T, Ando K, Kanda Y, Sekino Y, Sugiyama A.

Machine learning-based prediction of adverse drug effects: An example of seizure-inducing compounds.
Gao M, Igata H, Takeuchi A, Sato K, Ikegaya Y.

Evaluation of micro electroretinograms recorded with multiple electrode array to assess focal retinal function.
Fujii M, Sunagawa GA, Kondo M, Takahashi M, Mandai M.

New Products (2015/04/01)
Mobius Offline Toolkit